Friday, December 13, 2013

Still busy

Many of my non-farming friends wonder what I do all winter, since we no longer have any livestock. I think they imagine that I spend all day in the coffee shop. They couldn't be more wrong. 

In fact I rarely find time to go to a coffee shop, winter or summer. This last week is typical winter work week for me, and many other farmers.

I am in the middle of Meeting Season. You may not have heard of this season but it starts after harvest and ends by spring thaw. I will average 3-4 meetings a week during this time. There are days I have 3 meetings a day.

We do have some chores each day. We have 1 dog, Mollie, and several cats and Barb has about 35 laying hens. She sells eggs to several customers besides having eggs for us to enjoy. Like any livestock, they have to fed and watered morning and night.

Saturday found us on the road to attend a wedding in northeast Nebraska. The wedding was at 3 with a dance/reception following. With a 4 hour drive up there that took the whole day. 

Sunday morning we got up in Madison to head back home as Barb was singing in the Lexington Area Chrstmas Concert. This was held both Friday night and Sunday afternoon. It's a great tradtion with over 80 singers from several towns and many churchs combining their talents to honor our Lord's birth. 

Monday morning we again started early to get the morning chores done and then left for Kearney. Every year the Nebraska Farm Bureau has their annual convention during the first or second week of December in Kearney. It is a great time to meet up with the many Farm Bureau friends we have. For more on this you can read my last blog.

Farm Bureau convention concluded with a banquet Tuesday night. Our dog and cats were glad to see us when we got home about 11:30 at night.

Wednesday morning I had Fit Farmers. This is a program our local YMCA started several years ago to encourage us to keep active in the winter and keep those pounds off. It's more fun to do this as a group and then over tea and coffee talk about those who didn't make it that day. We meet 3 times a week. We are always looking for more volunteers to join us. P.S. the nickname is actually Fat Farmers since it fits us better.

Wednesday afternoon I worked in my office, paying bills and generally trying to clear off the papers that built up during harvest.

Wednesday night was at church. Barb cooks suppers Wednesday nights for those attending classes, both youth and adults. She serves 30-40 each week. While she was finishing up the chicken noodle soup I was programming the computer in the Sanctuary. We have a Praise Worship service at 11:00 that has all the liturgy on video screens and all the songs are also videos. I program and run the computer most weeks as part of my sharing of talents.

Thursday morning was another early start. We finished chores and left for Lincoln. I wanted to attend the Lincoln Power Farm Show (more about this in a future post) and Barb had appointments Thursday night and Friday morning in Lincoln as well. 

Friday morning I did my workout in the hotel exercise room since I was missing Fit Farmers, I've got to keep going or it will hurt worse when I get back. After Barb's meeting we hit the road home.

Friday afternoon we stopped at church so I could finish the computer work and Barb could check on the kitchen. Then I needed to stop at my Mom's and write some checks for her.

Saturday morning the Elders at church meet to sack candy to be given out after the Children's Christmas program. 

And so on. Usually by spring I can't wait to get on the tractor and slow down. In some ways it is actually slower in the summer than in the winter. 

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