Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Office season

Harvest is over and now it is office and meeting season. I like to be inside on cold snowy days, but with the beautiful weather outside, I would like to be doing something more physical. I tend to procrastinate on keeping up with the paperwork involved in farming and the piles get quite deep on my desk. The goal is to get everything entered in the computer and filed. It never gets all done, but is a good goal.

Harvest was so-so this year. Soybean yields were good and prices were great. Corn was well below average, but prices again were great. We had hail and greensnap losses on all our fields. some were minor, others were horrible. It is not good when the soybeans yield as much as the corn.

Today I am finishing with the harvest records and getting the proper reports to the crop adjusters for the hail and greensnap losses we had this summer. Next is printing off yield maps and starting to analyze the good and bad from this summer. I also need to get our personal accounts caught up. I can keep the farming account straight since I use the computer for printing checks, but it is easy to put the bank statements aside for a rainy day. Now is the time, even though it is not raining.

Meeting season has already started with the Farm Bureau Policy Development meeting in Kearney a couple of weeks ago. Next is the Nebraska Farm Bureau state convention, again in Kearney. This are always fun seeing friends from all around the state. I have attended every NFBF convention since I was first elected to the Dawson County board in 1985.

Well enough time off, back to the piles of paperwork.