Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The third island we visited this year was Kauai, the oldest and furthest west of the main Hawaiian Islands. It is fairly small at 33 miles by 25 miles at the widest points. It contains some of the roughest terrain in the Islands.

Waimea Canyon is a majestic 3000 foot deep canyon that is drained by the Waimea River.

At the end of the drive to view Waimea Canyon is the overlook of the NaPali coast. Again, wow. The only way around this side of the island is on foot, about an eleven-mile hike, we passed.

Na Pali Coast
North shore of Kauai is also very interesting.
Wailua Lighthouse, the northernmost point of the Hawaiian Islands.

A Nene, the endangered Hawaiian goose!!

Taro farms.

And then there were the Kauai chickens. Everywhere we went there were chickens running around. If you threw some food to them, more and more came out of the trees.

No, I wasn't sharing my food, she just wanted to steal it.

Sadly, our trip had to end and back to Nebraska we came.


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