Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Corn is growing!!

    I haven't kept writing as I wanted to. Just too tired or busy at night. This week the temperatures finally warmed up, all the way to 98! The corn is loving these temps and bright sunshine and is growing fast.

This picture was taken on May 23. The corn was planted on May 3 and in 20 days the corn was up and starting it's second leaf. This was ridge planted in corn stubble.
    This is a different field taken on June 7. This was ridge planted in soybean stubble on April 29. If you look close you can spot some old corn stalks from 2009 still on the surface. I was spraying this field with a tank mix of herbicides. On our corn I use a generic glyphosate herbicide and an atrazine based preemergent herbicide. I use the mix to avoid herbicide resistant weeds. I needed to spray the corn before it reached 11.5 inches and you can see that I was pushing it a little. Much of our corn grew 3-4 inches from Sunday to Wednesday.
    Next comes applying nitrogen fertilizer and spraying soybeans. We will also cultivate the corn next week after it's fertilized. Oh and we also cut our first cutting of alfalfa to bale next week too. Might be a bit busy.

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