Monday, February 14, 2011

Long, Fun Weekend

   We just completed a long weekend that was a lot of fun, but also somewhat sad as well. Since our youngest is senior in high school, we are notching a lot of "lasts" this year. Last fall we had the last homecoming dance, the last high school volleyball game, the last halftime show by the marching band, etc. This weekend we marked off two more lasts. Thursday was parent-teacher conferences and this was the last of a long run of conferences, since J was a kindergartner.
   This year was a good set of conferences. C is really enjoying her last semester of high school in a good way. She is happy and bouncy almost every day when she comes home. Grades are the best she has ever had and she really likes most of her teachers and classes. The most surprising was the comference with her American Government teacher. His first question for us was "Does C like me? Did I turn her off?" This was surprising because it is her favorite class. For those who know her, you know that she can't or doesn't hide her feelings about anyone or anything. But Mr. Ambler had no clue what she felt about his class. We told him to tease her and loosen her up. We also told her to smile a little.
   After conferences we left for the Nebraska Panhandle for the annual East-West Shootout. Each year Lexington, North Platte and McCook (East) plays Scottsbluff, Gering and Alliance (West) in a series of three games over parent-teacher conference weekend. The boys play in one direction, the girls in the other. This year the girls played in the West, so west we went.
   This was the third time this year we traveled to Scottsbluff for sports, playing there twice in volleyball in October. This weekend was also the last time we travel there for high school activities.
   The girls did great out west winning all three games, beating Gering 53-36, Alliance 49-17 and Scottsbluff 64-46. C is not the scorer for Lex, but does a good job on defense, finding the open girl on offense and grabbing a lot of rebounds.
   The parents also had a good time out west. Most of us met for lunch on Friday at The Emporium in Scottsbluff. If any of you are ever out there we highly recommend it. Barb and I found it on one of our volleyball trips. Locally owned they have an interesting menu for lunch and unique specials for dinner. In October we had dinner there and the service and food was as good as any 4-star restaurant we have been to in Chicago or D.C.
   Part of the reason the trip was fun was just being around each other. What is special about this team of girls is that they are all friends and just enjoy hanging with each other. There are no drama queens and even our Division I basketball recruit is the consummate team player and very humble off the court. Most of the parents have been sitting on bleachers together for years, most since older siblings started sports in middle school. Oddly enough most of the girls on the team are the youngest of their families.
   Sunday morning services went very well. The service only took me about an hour and a half to put together from scratch, and pastor even used his sermon illustrations in his traditional service. Sunday evening Barb & I had a Valentine's meal at Lundgren's Catering with members of the Trinity LLL. A great finish to a fun weekend.
   Happy St. Valentine's Day to all.

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